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English Shanghaiwalk for kids

Have your children expire Shanghai with us !

We will explore the city with your kids and see Shanghai with their eyes. We will tell them stories of Shanghai´s many sights and find out together about this exciting different culture – and a lot about ourselves as well.

Why do people hang out their washing on the street, what does it mean to have no bathroom for yourself? Where do Chinese kids do their homework when there is no space in the family’s one-room apartment? What do those red signs on the front door mean, what is the most important tool in a Chinese house and how can people earn money for living in Shanghai ?

We will find those answers and many more to all those little details we find on our way through Shanghai´s lilongs in the heart of the city, just nearby fancy Apple stores and Western restaurants.

And we will get to know Shanghai in a very special way your kids will remember. They will afterwards be able to decipher all those mysteries of a strange world they are living in but hardly get to know, touch and feel themselves.

Saturday, September 21 2019, 11.00 a.m.- 12.30 p.m.

Shanghai for Kids