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Getting back to China – those Wechat groups can help make your trip a nicer one!

The past two months have been an exciting time for me – I was back in China for 5 weeks to get my business there back in shape. The time before my trip was stressful and I was debating quite a bit wether I should really go. Having the two week quarantine in mind and with changes in regulations and conditions every week this trip worried me a lot. In the end I decided to go – and for me it turned out to be a great experience – also because I was well prepared.

What helped me mostly to have a very relaxed time during travel, arrival and quarantine was to be part of two wechat groups (in my case the “German Stranded Group” and the ” Shanghai Quarantine group”). These groups discussed everything concerning the preparation for this trip, exchanged information about the different hotel circumstances. All important facts to know were presented. Using the information given by the groups helped me immensely to prepare well for the trip and especially my quarantine time at a designated hotel. I knew what to pack for the plane, what to expect at PVG and how to be prepared best, which food and utilities to bring and how to entertain myself best in quarantine. Therefore, the trip was comfortable, my phone always charged and the two weeks of quarantine went by very fast. Nothin g to worry about, just prepare well and you will be fine. And those groups can help with facts and moral support in case something gets difficult. Great help!

I can only recommend to get in touch with the Admins of the wechat groups to be part of those groups. They are constantly in touch with the group members to help make their trips as comfortable as possible.

A big THANK YOU to you all who are willing to help for already so many months!